Other Products

AF-72  : Is a one shot additive for the facing sands used in Steel, Iron and Non ferrous foundries, which replaces various additives like bentonite, cereals, dextrin etc. A one shot addition improving sand quality consistency.  No over drying is required.  The product is safe to use and has a bench life.

CARSET : Binders for making cores and moulds by the Carbon dioxide process. As cores and moulds are dried by passing carbon dioxide gas, expensive drying ovens and core carriers are not required, which also reduces the floor space. Labour cost is also reduced because cores and moulds are made easy. Gives dimensional accuracy

COREBIND : Core jointing compounds for self drying and oven drying cores. Forms a very strange core joint. Different types of corebind are available to suit varying requirements. Very simple and inexpensive to use and forms a strong permanent joint. Damaged cores can be repaired.

COREX : Core oil to give good dry strength and quick drying property to cores. Dries quicker than the usual linseed oil. Cores and gives good consistent dry strength. Gives good collapsibility and imparts better surface finish.

CORE POWDER : Corepowder is a pre-gelatiminized coreal binder used with core sand to give sufficient green strength effectively and economically. Can be used effectively and economically and gives excellent green strength.  Improves collapsibility and imparts better surface finish.

CORENOK : Organic breakdown agent for core sand.  Particularly used for sand bonded by the carbon dioxide process.  Has excellent shakeout properties. Produces good knock out properties. Easy and economical to use and gives less tendency to contaminate the reused sand.

DESLAG : Deslag-F is recommended for coagulation of the slag in case of iron and steel melts and prevention of slag build up on the walls of the furnaces and the ladles. Easy removal of the slag. Cleaner furnaces and ladles.  Better refractory life of furnaces and ladles. Casting free from defects caused by the slag. Reduces temperature losses.

EX. ALLOY : A ladle addition of Ferro alloys to molten iron in ladle or at cupola spout in the easiest and most accurate possible way.  For maximum pick up of the alloying elements, different Ferro alloys are graded in different granular forms.  Available for adding chromium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus and silicon.

From one standard cupola charge, different alloy castings can be obtained.  For different Ferro alloys, grading are so designed, so that the maximum pick up of alloying elements is obtained.