Die Paints For Pressure Die Casting / Low Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die casting process is used to produce Aluminium, Zinc castings of exceptional dimensional accuracy and metallurgical soundness. In this process, the molten metal is injected at a high velocity in to the die with the help of a plunger. Die dressings play a very important role in (1) Both physical and chemical protection of the die in addition to lubrication. (2) Ensuring smooth operation of the plunger. DIE-PAINT range of product offers suitable products for the same.

Product Application Area
D.P. 65 For thin walled aluminium castings
D.P. 66 For thick walled aluminium castings
D.P. 95 For Cores and hot areas where release and welding are a problem
D.P. 158 For die face in case of Zinc and Aluminium Alloys
D.P. 167 For Zinc castings
D.P. 321 For excellent release of aluminium castings
D.P. 333 Cores where release is a problem and on die face to provide good casting finish.