Die Paints For Gravity Die Casting

Gravity and low-pressure die casting processes are used for producing quality non-ferrous alloy castings. These processes however are particularly complicated in case of light alloys (e.g. Aluminium) due to their greater tendency for gas pick-up, surface oxidation and higher heat dissipation. Castings will end up with shrinkage, miss-run defects unless metal flow and heat losses are controlled well. Refractory die dressings play an important role in the production of sound castings. DIE PAINT range of products caters to all the technological needs of the die casting process.

Product Property
D. P. 22 Lubricating
D.P. 68 Max. Insulation
D.P. 72 Both Insulating and lubricating
D.P. 280 Medium insulating and refractory