Non Ferrous Range Of Products

Powder Fluxes For Covering / Drossing / Modifying / Recovery

  • Covering and drossing of aluminium melts.
  • Modifying aluminium silicon alloys.
  • Removing aluminium oxide build up on the furnace walls.
  • Recovering aluminium from the dross.
  • Melting of turnings, borings and chips.

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Tableted Products For Degassing

ALDEGAS range of products are used for degassing and degassing cum grain refining of aluminium and its alloys. During the melting of aluminium and its alloys, the hydrogen gas is picked up by the melt resulting into gas porosity in the cast products. It is necessary to remove this hydrogen gas from the molten metal before the casting operation. ALDEGAS addition removes this picked up hydrogen from the metal.

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Tableted Products For Grain Refining / Nucleation

ALREFINE range of products are used for grain refining of aluminium and its alloys.

Aluminium and its alloys when allowed to cool under normal conditions, form coarse crystalline structure. This coarse grain structure is prone to -

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Die Paints For Gravity Die Casting

Gravity and low-pressure die casting processes are used for producing quality non-ferrous alloy castings. These processes however are particularly complicated in case of light alloys (e.g. Aluminium) due to their greater tendency for gas pick-up, surface oxidation and higher heat dissipation. Castings will end up with shrinkage, miss-run defects unless metal flow and heat losses are controlled well.

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Die Paints For Pressure Die Casting / Low Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die casting process is used to produce Aluminium, Zinc castings of exceptional dimensional accuracy and metallurgical soundness. In this process, the molten metal is injected at a high velocity in to the die with the help of a plunger. Die dressings play a very important role in (1) Both physical and chemical protection of the die in addition to lubrication. (2) Ensuring smooth operation of the plunger. DIE-PAINT range of product offers suitable products for the same.

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Aluminium Master Alloys

The use of Aluminium Master Alloys for the purpose of modification and grain refinement are becoming common in the aluminium foundry industry. Ease of addition, cleaner environment, greater control over treatment processes, improved consistency in the casting quality are some of the advantages of using master alloys.

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