Exothermic & Insulating Sleeves

ACME SLEEVES facilitate effective feeding of metal due to their unique design, thereby extending the solidification time of risers used on castings. The design of our Exothermic sleeves initiate exothermic reaction in the riser which liberates heat. Heat in the riser is conserved over an extended period as the Insulating sleeves provide an efficient thermal insulating layer.

ACME SLEEVES provide strong and durable resistant to pressures generated during ramming of sand in the foundries as they are vacuum moulded and their composition is carefully formulated from high grade insulation / exothermic materials bonded with organic and inorganic binders.


An exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that is accompanied by the release of heat. It gives out energy to its surroundings. The energy needed for the reaction to occur is less than the total energy released. During the pouring of mould, an exothermic reaction sets in as molten metal fills an exothermic sleeve riser. It is possible to reduce the riser size considerably as compared to sand riser system as the exothermic reaction helps in maintaining the riser metal temperature over an extended period of time.

Yeild: Use of Exothermic sleeves enables improving the yield by more than 30%


  • Permits use of substantially reduced riser size without compromising on quality.
  • Cost savings due to high foundry yields.
  • Significant saving in energy and costly foundry inputs due to minimization of feed metal.
  • Higher productivity.

STANDARD PACKAGING: Wrapped in poly bags and packed in cardboard boxes.

ACME FEEDHOT- A : Anti Piping Compound (Feedhot should be used for getting desired sleeve performance)

ACME FEEDHOT-A is an Exothermic Antipiping Compound formulated to ignite in seconds and expand when it  comes in contact with Hot Metal in open riser. Feedhot-A is a high efficiency topping for  Iron and Steel.  This special compound flows easily.  This topping compound expands 350% of its volume during the exothermic reaction.  80% of Heat Loss in ariser is through the top.  When this heat is contained the metal will remain liquid longer and the riser will feed the casting better.  

Apply Exothermic Topping Compound (Feedhot-A) as soon as the riser fills with metal.

(1) FEEDHOT-B         :  Non Expandable

(2)  FEEDHOT-D      : Expandable type

(3)  FEEDHOT-707 : Expandable type.  250% expansion specially 
                                                 designed for open sleeves.