ACME FOUNDRY FLUX COMPANY is a well established and professionally managed leading manufacturer of foundry fluxes and chemicals, serving the foundry industry for more than three decades. Our expertise is tempered by a deep understanding of the specific needs of customers and fulfilling their expectations in a cost effective manner.

We possess a strict quality control system right from raw material procuring to processing and testing. The in-house laboratory is well equipped with all necessary and sophisticated testing equipments.

We manufacture a wide range of products for Ferrous and Non Ferrous foundries, which include Mould & Core refractory coatings, new generation Alumina Silicate based coatings, Sand additives, Inoculants, Slag holding compounds, Anti piping compounds, Insulating / Exothermic sleeves, Core oils and core paste for the Ferrous foundries; Covering fluxes, Degassers, Grain refiners, Die Paints and Master Alloys for the Aluminium foundries to name a few.


Our vision is to continually improve our fluxes to obtain better Quality Castings in a more cost effective way.

Quality Policy / Processes

Our Quality Management System is certified for ISO 9001:2008 by TUV Rheinland Group, Germany.